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Milk Of Human Kindness

We’re proud to stock a refreshing array of ethically produced, dairy-free, organic health drinks from innovative leading brand Rude Health. 

Gone are the days of alternatives to dairy were seen as inferior, fringe products created to solely to provide a less satisfying option for those with extreme dietary requirements. We now live in a world where there is a dairy alternative for everyone, tree huggers and milk gluggers alike. 

Today, an exciting array of dairy alternatives can be made by blending and squeezing nuts, oats, coconuts and rice, to extract liquids that are similar to milk. 

People choose dairy alternatives for many different reasons. For some who are lactose intolerant, it is a necessary requirement. Yet for an ever-growing number of people it has become a lifestyle or ethical choice. With different drinks for different uses, more and more people are turning to non-diary milk drinks simply to enjoy and appreciate a wider variety of flavours, and supporting this is the growing trend for using dairy alternatives as an ingredient, in bakes, shakes, soups and sauces. 

Rude Awakening 

London-based company Rude Health are true innovators in this field. Founded in 2005 as a kitchen-table start-up, today the company offers over fifty different health food products and turns over eight-figure sums annually. At the vanguard of their product range are non-diary drinks that offer flavour, quality and choice. Some taste better in tea and coffee, others are great in soups and sauces, but all are made using high quality, great tasting ingredients. 

From the outset Rude Health we’re determined to create products unlike the existing ‘healthy’ nut and plant-based milk substitutes they found on the shelves, products containing a host of unrecognisable and unpronounceable ingredients -gums, thickeners and emulsifiers to name a few. 

Determined that everyone who needed to use dairy-free milk substitutes deserved a better choice, and that creating a pure and honest product may well encourage more people into adopting them as a lifestyle choice, Rude Health began creating a range of nut and plant-based milk drinks, all free from refined sugars, thickeners, gums or emulsifiers. All are organic, gluten-free and made with no more than five nourishing and authentic ingredients. There’s nothing artificial about these products and Maws are proud to stock four of Rude Health’s most popular dairy-free milk drinks. 

Almond Drink We love Rude Health’s almond drink, and thanks to its versatility and drinkability we’re not surprised it’s has been our been one of their most popular products, ever since the company released their first dairy alternatives in 2013. Crushed organic almonds, blended smoothly with rice, mountain spring water, and a dash of cold-pressed sunflower oil, is all that’s required to create a flavour that naturally nutty and sweet. 

Oat Drink Delivering all the goodness of gluten-free oats the easy way, any time, any place. This drink is made with whole grains, soluble fibre and all. That’ll help keep your heart in rude health when eaten regularly. The satisfying oaty flavour is subtly balanced with pure mountain spring water and a touch of cold-pressed sunflower oil. 

Coconut Drink Rude Health takes the water and copra (that’s all the lovely white stuff) from inside coconuts and whip it up until it’s smooth. Then we blend it with rice, pure mountain spring water and just a pinch of sea salt. The coconut oils give this delicious drink a naturally creamy texture and tropical taste. 

Rice Drink Rude Health's Brown Rice Drink balances the delicacy of Italian brown rice (and all its accompanying healthy fibre), with pure mountain spring water and cold-pressed sunflower oil. Silky white and subtly sweet this virtuous and velvety drink is the only rice drink made with whole-grain, brown rice.