Sense & Sensuality

Sense & Sensuality Why we recommend Veliche™ Gourmet for professional confectioners and pâtissiers

Why we recommend Veliche™ Gourmet as the premium chocolate for professional confectioners and pâtissiers. 

With a catering supply inventory now encompassing several thousand items, from antipasti to antibacterial sanitiser, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Maws began life by supplying just one product; chocolate. 

However, the specialist, premium quality chocolate that we supply exclusively to some of the UK’s most talented confectioners and patisserie chefs provided the cornerstone for creating the Maws of today, and we firmly believe that both the range of specialist patisserie products and expertise we’ve accumulated in this field over the last 30 years, allows us to offer a unique service, unmatched by many other whole food sales companies. 

Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort

Vegan ‘ice cream’ just keeps getting better - now it even comes with added health benefits. 

Firstly excuse the forthcoming inverted commas, but if it looks like ice cream and tastes like ice cream but its vegan, then legally and technically it’s a frozen desert. The term ice cream remains jealously guarded by the dairy industry; just ask Unilever the multinational consumer goods giant, who earlier this year had to market the newly launched vegan version their best-selling Magnum ice cream as a ‘velvety plant-based product’ providing ‘a creamy experience without the need for dairy’.